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The Corporate Supporters Program (CSP) is designed to link the fields of business and art for the mutual benefit of both. Recent studies show that traditional forms of business and art cooperation reap financial benefits for all partners. But we take such cooperation a giant step further.



Improving the Bottom Line


For ten years now CSP has supported the strategic marketing activities of medium to large corporations with services such as advertising campaigns, public relations activities and focussed networking events—all in conjunction with fine art exhibitions and presentations.




The Program


With the Corporate Supporters Program we offer middle and large-scale companies our extensive and established infrastructure, in order to successfully support their marketing.




Good Art Has Always Been Good Business


Of course our success ultimately relies on the quality of the art we present.


Our artists are recognized professionals in a creative field. They have been awarded a variety of art prizes granted by some of the strictest juries of the contemporary art world. Several of them are household names - even to newcomers to the art world. Some are new discoveries. Our Corporate Supporter partners can therefore be assured that they receive the best of both worlds: financial success and enjoying some of the best fine art being created today.



Contact us for further information about the Corporate Supporters Program.

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