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EGB and Lóránt Szathmáry During Berlin Art Week




We regret to announce that

our tabla concert Saturday with

Ravi Srinivasan  

is cancelled

due to renovation efforts on our historically protected house.

Stay tuned for details regarding a replacement date for the concert.







Photos all over the World: Lóránt Szathmáry: First Solo Show at EGB



Berlin, Paris, India, Romania. Heilbronn, Germany. The locations traveled in the current exhibition of the German-Romanian photographer Lóránt Szathmáry (born 1958 in Sächsisch-Regen/Romania) read like a travel agency’s pre-digital brochure. In his first solo exhibition with Emerson Gallery Szathmáry presents mostly outdoor scenes from four countries, scenes that have the effect of a backdrop to a dramatic stage.

The modestly sized photos are all black and white – starkly so. With these harsh contrasts shades of grey seem virtually absent. The absence of color and the reduction to basic black and white force the viewer to concentrate on the play of light on the objects portrayed. That light serves to captured the texture of the subjects involved. Light and texture are the common denominator in these trans-national images, a common thread that knows no boundaries, be they geographic, political or thematic. And so what appears at first glance to be a mere exercise in formal aesthetics reveals itself to be a powerful, perhaps even existential, statement.

The photography of Lóránt Szathmáry offers pleasures of the mind as well as the eye. And not to be overlooked is a good measure of humor, which is best experienced in the surroundings of the exhibit.

The exhibition is offered in support of the citizen’s initiative ParkHaus Lietzensee e.V. The group is driving the renovation of the historic custodian’s residence which is part of the Lietzenseepark landscaping protected as a architectural monument. Among other activities, the initiative has led a successful donation drive to fund the up-coming renovation. (Cf.

Learn more about the history and the future oft he landmark Lietzenseepark: Parallel to the exhibition, on 10 September the ParkHaus Lietzensee e.V. im Parkwächterhaus is participating in Berlin’s Day of Public Monuments.

Due to the renovation efforts, visitors of the exhibit are limited to groups of ten at a time. We appreciate your understanding for these circumstances.

Duration of the Exhibition: 28. August – 19. September 2017
Viewing Hours:

Saturday / Sunday 2:00 – 6:00 pm              

Monday / Tuesday 4:00 – 6:00 pm               and by appointment



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